Smart Manager – WooCommerce Inventory Management, Advanced Bulk Edit & more…

Smart Manager is a powerful WooCommerce inventory management and advanced bulk edit plugin. It’s an absolute must for every shop owner who wants massive time savings and a 10x productivity boost.

Get full control of your inventory/stock. Bulk edit, filter your inventory from a single screen using an Excel-like sheet editor – SKUs, weight, prices, backorders, stock status, tax status, shipping class, product title and all the important WooCommerce stock management related fields. Bulk inventory management was never so simple.

Smart Manager supports simple, variable (including variations), subscriptions, bundles, grouped…all WooCommerce product types including any custom product type.

Not just stock and products, you can also manage and bulk edit WooCommerce orders, coupons, posts, users… any WordPress post type and custom fields.
Advanced CSV export, admin columns management, search filters, delete, duplicate, column sets…Smart Manager is jam-packed with powerful features both in the Lite and the Pro version.

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I would happily pay five times for this product!
What really sold me on this was Bulk Edit. My assistant does not have to do any complex math now (earlier, I always feared she would make a mistake)! With Smart Manager, she has more free time at hand, hence I asked her to set up autoresponder emails for our customers. The response was phenomenal. Our repeat sales were up by 19.5%.
– Jeff Smith

Here’s what Smart Manager Lite (Free version) offers:

Get a single-screen interface to browse and manage these dashboards – products (all types), orders, blog posts, and coupons. Select a dashboard and start making edits without leaving the spreadsheet. Speed up the way you create content and manage your store.

  • Inline edit (direct edit) records from the grid. Update inventory, modify order status, change the coupon expiry date, add post images, etc.
  • Perform up to three inline edits at one go without saving the changes.
  • Live preview – see what you’re about to change before saving.
  • Infinite scrolling for smoother navigation.
  • No restrictions on the post type fields available to edit.
    — Products – increase or decrease the sale price and regular price, manage backorders, SKU, change product description, categories, attributes, tags, tax class, tax status, etc. WooCommerce stock management can’t get simpler than this.
    — Orders – change status, billing details, shipping details, currency, etc.
    — Coupons – modify coupon usage, amount, type, expiry date, etc.
    — Posts – title, image, update post status from draft to publish, etc.
  • Edit post types using search filters, date filters, and column filters.
  • Edit product variations for variable products after clicking on the “Show Variations” button.
  • Add new products, orders, coupons, and posts directly using the spreadsheet.
  • Delete/Move to trash single or multiple products, orders, coupons and posts.
  • Email notifications to customers on change of order status.
  • Transactional notes also get added to the order on status change.
  • Search using keywords, categories, attributes or any other field.
  • Advanced Search with AND condition, search operators (<,>,=,<=, >=, is, contains, etc.) and drop-down filters. Makes it easy to filter inventory by type, category, backorders, manage stock, stock status, order status, coupon type, post status and a lot more…
    Example – Search for SKU is WC09 and price >= $600.
  • Admin Columns – Show/hide data columns for better usability. Sort data to personalize the dashboard view. For example, sort sale prices in ascending or descending order.
  • Reset the order of the admin columns to the default view.
  • Sticky header to always stay in control when scrolling through thousands of records.
  • Distraction-free mode when performing store operations.
  • Image preview for image type fields in the grid for easier identification of your WooCommerce inventory.

Smart Manager has been a boon to users…

Smart Manager is a lifesaver. Anyone starting a new store or migrating to a new line (perhaps seasonal shifts) should consider this mandatory in their toolbox.
– Envoymatt

Smart Manager makes our day way more productive. We now can change our stock in just 2 clicks instead of hours of work. Also, the support is really quick and helpful!
– Jasper Vandiemen

I’m very happy using the free version of the plugin on my WooCommerce site. No issue with a lot of plugins I have active on my site.
The best is the support: 6 stars I would give them. Keep in mind that I’m talking about the free version and from the first contact they have been very kind and fast. Sure I recommend it!
– FreelanceJose

Here’s what Smart Manager Pro offers:

Everything in Lite Version and:

  • Advanced bulk edit / batch update records of any post type – products, variations, orders, coupons, subscriptions, bookings, media, users/customers, courses, events, product add-ons, advanced custom fields, custom meta fields, etc.
  • Bulk edit 10000, 100000+ records within minutes. Smart Manager has successfully tested these numbers.
  • Perform operations like append, prepend, increase, decrease, search and replace, etc. in bulk.
  • Update single/multiple fields for a few or all records at once…without errors!
  • Reduce prices, increase inventory levels, change product categories, attributes, order status or any other fields, all in bulk quickly…without errors! Simple and faster WooCommerce stock management.
  • Copy any field from any record using Bulk edit / Batch update.
  • Copy value from any other field for any record.
  • Filter any post type & perform bulk edit operations on them.
  • Utilize your time. Switch to other tasks while the Bulk edit / Batch update runs in the background.
  • Inline edit multiple records in one go without saving entries every time.
  • Inline update ‘Product Gallery Images, Featured Image’ using the media library.
  • Delete all products – based on filters, categories, attributes. Delete featured images, media library images directly from the grid.
  • Delete records for orders, coupons, any post type in bulk and also using search filters.
  • Duplicate single, multiple or all records for any post type.
  • Perform an advanced search using multiple AND, multiple OR, multiple AND + OR conditions to get very specific results and then make edits.

Smart Manager makes it easier to manage suppliers, vendors and warehouses and helps you stay in control of your WooCommerce inventory management.

You can search for all expired subscriptions and delete them, bulk edit bookings made between a date range, inline edit a membership-based on search, search for all posts having the same keyword and make an edit, modify the cost of goods in bulk, manage courses, and a lot more…

Get priority support from plugin developers and receive plugin updates till your license period.

Try Smart Manager Pro Live Demo

You won’t find a better plugin for bulk edits!
A quality plugin that gets the job done. When I upgraded, I was surprised that I wasn’t able to copy information from one cell to another and contacted support. The team went out of their way to program the feature into the next update and resolved my issues within 2 weeks. An extremely useful tool for bulk product management!
– Vsonacci

A massive time saver…flawless export!
We have over 6000 individual lines on our site and this has saved us huge amounts of time.
Bulk edit works flawlessly, which is a massive time saver. If you need to change all of your prices on the entire site by a % or value, you can with a couple of clicks! We updated Tax > class on all products in less than 3 minutes. The CSV export tool actually works unlike some I have tried, with all 6000 odd lines neatly exported in one attempt. No missing or corrupt data.
– Kevin Goodchild, Obsolete Electronic Components

Smart Manager is Perfect for you if…

  • You are frustrated managing the daily store mundane
  • You want things done quickly, easily, flawlessly
  • You want to spend time with your loved ones, go on a vacation
  • You want a thriving business and a better life

It’s your smart WordPress inventory management plugin that won’t fail you! The time you would save, you can definitely utilize for your other business activities and of course, with your loved ones.

The plugin is also GDPR-ready – it doesn’t collect personal data.

Get Smart Manager Pro.

Smart Manager How-tos

Smart Manager How-tos

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Can I export data in CSV?

Yes, you can but export feature is available in Pro version.

Can I import data ?

Smart Manager does not currently support import.

Which browser to choose for best performance?

Smart Manager works best in Chrome, Firefox. Currently it is not compatible with IE.

What do I get in this Lite version?

Spreadsheet like view of products, orders and posts. Search and navigation, limited inline editing, ability to delete multiple items at once, a quick edit link to WooCommerce / WP e-Commerce editing screen.

What do I get in the Pro?

Pro version has unlimited managing of product variations, full inline editing right within the spreadsheet view and a powerful Batch Update screen where you can apply multiple smart update actions to selected / all items. You can also add / duplicate products or the entire store. For Customers, you can see total sales for each customer and their last order details. You can also export data into CSV and print orders / packing slips. And not just WooCommerce, you can manage any WordPress custom post type.
It also gives the warm feeling of supporting further development of the plugin.